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    Paranormal Terminology

    ANGEL: a spirit to help and watch over people
    APPARITIONS: a ghost or spirit
    AURA: an energy that is believed, by some, to surround living
    BATTLEFIELD GHOSTS: ghosts that are found and
    battlefield locations
    CALLING GHOSTS: ghosts that call out the names of the living
    CRISIS APPARITIONS: ghosts that appear to family or
    friends just before or soon after their death
    DEMON: fallen angels that are evil
    DIRECT VOICE PHENOMENA(DVP): voice of a ghost or spirit
    spoken near the medium during a seance
    DIRECT WRITING: the handwriting of a ghost or spirit on an
    unmarked surface
    ECTOPLASM: a solid, liquid substance produced by a ghost or
    ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA(EVP): capturing a ghost or
    spirit's voice on tape
    EXORCISM: to cast out a ghost or spirit from a living person's
    EXORCIST: a religious man who conducts the exorcism
    GHOST(APPARITIONS): spirit of a dead person
    GUARDIAN ANGEL: an angel that protects an individual
    HAUNTINGS: paranormal activity in one place
    LEY LINES: lines that run between sacred objects or locations
    MEDIUM: a person that can communicate with a ghost or spirit
    for the living
    OMEN: being able to tell of a future event
    ORBS: representation of a spirit
    OUIJA: a board(with numbers and letters) that is used to
    attempt communication with ghosts or spirits
    PHOTOGRAPHIC APPARITIONS: ghosts or spirits that can be seen
    in photos
    POLTERGEIST: ghosts that make noises such as closing doors,
    footsteps, throwing objects
    POSSESSION: when a person is taken over by a ghost, spirit or a
    RECURRING APPARITIONS: ghosts or spirits that appear once a
    SEANCE: a group of people in efforts to make contact with the
    spirits of the dead
    SOUL: carrying an individual's personality and consciousness of
    all actions
    transportation of an object from one location
    to another
    WRAITH: ghost that comes back to avenge it's own death




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